How to Pack Clothes for Moving Overseas

Often we receive questions such as ‘How to pack clothes for moving overseas’. Here at Franklins Removals we can assist you with your house or office moves to France and back.

Franklins Process

When moving abroad we can offer a bespoke, personal service for our customers. Whether it is agreeing a date for your move or helping you transport mini-diggers abroad, we are very happy to help with your removals.

We start by offering an initial appointment to assess your goods. Meeting in person is helpful when deciding on moving dates with our customers, this makes sure that the dates fit in with key swaps and personal commitments. We then can agree on services that you may need. At Franklins we can offer more than just overseas house removals. We also offer packing services, dismantling and reassembly of furniture, storage in the UK, delivery and part load services.

Franklins Vans

Our family company was founded in 1985 and we are one of the most popular companies that deliver both personal and specialized house removals from the UK to France.

In our fleet we have a wide range of vehicles that are suitable for different types of access and size loads, they are as follows:

  • 3.5 tonne with maximum capacity of 800CFT/22m34
  • 7.5 tonne with maximum capacity of 1500CFT/41m3
  • 18 tonne with maximum capacity of 2000CFT/60m3
  • 26 tonne with maximum capacity of 2000CFT/60m3 (this holds same volume but more weight than the 18 tonne)

How We Can Help

We use specialist cardboard wardrobes to transport hanging clothes which can be placed in our vans and can be brought by us on moving day if requested. We are specialists in answering questions such as how to pack clothes for moving overseas. These wardrobes have many advantages as it means clothes take up less space, your expensive clothing doesn’t get destroyed in transit by moving loosely and you can hang your clothes up directly from the cardboard wardrobe, straight to your wardrobe.


The wardrobes in place are made from strong, double-wall cardboard which make them ideal for all removals. The hanging rail is made from robust plastic and this box will prevent clothing from creasing, crushing and all atmospheric damage. Your clothes won’t need washing after transit because they will not be covered in dust and grime.

How Many Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes Will You Need When You Move?

Depending on the amount of clothes you own, you will need a different amount of boxes. A typical cardboard wardrobe measures at 24″ x 24″ x 40″ and using this size you can determine the amount of boxes you require. The most accurate way of predicting the amount of boxes you will need is to separate clothes in your wardrobe to two-foot increments and then to count how many sections you then have. The amount of sections is the amount of boxes you will be needing. You need to be realistic with clothes you have held onto for long periods of time as it is unlikely you will wear these items again. Say goodbye to these items and make space for new items to go into your new home!

H3 – Follow This Process To Use Your Cardboard Wardrobe:

  1. Assemble the boxes making sure to use extra packaging tape to stabilise the seams
  2. Move the hanging rail into the pre-located grooves
  3. Place heavier, important items such as fancy shoes and belts into the bottom of the wardrobe
  4. Make sure your clothes are hung up properly and place them onto the hanging rail
  5. Once all the space is maximized, close the box and use the packaging tape to strengthen the box
  6. Our removal specialists will arrange safe transportation of your clothes and accessories on the day of move

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