Dry Secure Alarmed Storage

For most people moving house is an exciting time, planning where all the furniture will go, what new things can be bought to fill the new home. All the entertaining that can be done, all the free space available to peruse new hobbies or just expand into.

But what if your moving to a similar sized house or even downsizing, you could have a real problem on your hands, especially when your packing it all up.  It’s human nature to hold onto items when you have spare space in lofts garages etc, but this can cause a real problem when it comes to moving, especially if you are tight on space.

We offer storage facilities in our very own dry, secure and alarmed warehouse. Goods will be stored inside specially designed removal containers inside our warehouse. We do not store goods in shipping containers outside as they seem to get problems such as damp and condensation.

These containers can then be loaded on and off our vehicle using a forklift truck and then into our warehouse. This saves on time and money because goods do not have to be loaded, unloaded and then loaded again by hand as the forklift does the work for you, these savings can then passed on to our customers. It also means the risk of damage to goods is lowered significantly as there is less handling involved.

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